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My musical journey started like many others.  In the late '70s when I was 9 my dad started teaching me to play bluegrass music on the banjo.  Although I enjoy bluegrass today, I quickly moved on to other styles of music.  As a teenager in the '80s I fell in love with synthesizers, and I wanted to learn all I could about them.  My first experience was with the Casio SK-1.  I used to go around sampling things and playing tunes with those sounds.  I formed a band with my cousin, who played electric guitar, and we wrote a bunch of cheesy songs.  All the while I was discovering new artists like Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream, Rush, Vangelis, and so on.  I have spent my lifetime learning new instruments and how to play different genres.  I have also learned a lot about music software, apps, and synths along the way.

My journey is not that different than many of the artists we feature in Mobile Musician Magazine and probably not very different than your journey.  However, if you are new to mobile music or portable instruments we can help you on your journey, by sharing what we know and what our writers and featured artists have learned.

Music is a joy to experience and to create.  We want to share the joy we feel and inspire anyone who wants to create music as well.  By sharing the latest developments in mobile music apps, portable devices, tips and tricks, and interesting stories of artists who are shaping the music we listen to, I hope we can make a difference in your musical experience and help shape your journey.


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