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In this episode, we put together a compilation of music from some of the artists we have featured in the magazine.



John Scott Shepherd - Lost Cities - In the Distance

Midi Bitch - Natal - Natus Patus

Rodney Cromwell - Memory Box - Opus 3

KOshowKO - Mobile Positions - Hanging Rock

Barbagallo - Mobile Strategies - Battery Powered Sonics Mari Dangerfield - Love and Other Machines - Love Machine

Rene van der Wouden - Tangerine Sands - Desert Storm Inferno

Kingston University Stylophone Orchestra - Stylophonika - Blade Runner (End Credits)

Thomas Geleyn - Peaks and Valleys - All you Got

Lon Spurgeon - Dreams of Summer - Smoke

Pabellon Sintetico - Instructions for Building an Orange - Skybreak House

Selection of music from our featured artists and album reviews.



Opening Credit / Murder in the Kitchen from Strange Behavior: Original Soundtrack by: Tangerine Dream

Portals of Discovery Part One from Portals of Sound by: Gary P Hayes

Seismically Active from Tangerine Sands by: Rene van de Wouden

Playing in the Rain from Instructions for building an orange by: Pabellón Sintético

Asana Hinsetzung from Natal by: MiDi BiTCH

BLADE RUNNER (END TITLES) from STYLOPHONIKA by: Kingston University Stylophone Orchestra

Beyond The Mountain from Lost Cities by: John Scott Shepherd

Zanzi Part 1 from Zanzi by: Steve Jolliffe

Inside Our Perspectives from Juno to Jupiter by: Vangelis

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