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Why do we Play?

I remember hearing someone play the guitar when I was a kid. I enjoyed it so much that I wanted to learn to play also. My desire to play was so strong that I actually prayed that God would help me become a musician that could entertain people. As I began learning music, I had aspirations of being a famous musician and enjoying all of the pleasures that came with it. While that drove me to practice a lot, it also led to disenchantment when I did not accomplish my goals. Taking my music so seriously actually was a bad thing; I had lost sight of my original goal of entertaining others and having a good time while playing. Somewhere along the way, I noticed what a good time I was having playing music and how many good friends I had made doing so. This led me to reevaluate why I was playing, performing, and recording.

So why do we play music? This is an important question that we all need to ask ourselves. Have we set unrealistic goals that are keeping us from enjoying the reasons and emotions that motivated us in the beginning? Is it not enough just to create and express ourselves, to put our minds and emotions out there in the universe for others to experience? Even if no one is listening, to say in our own way I am here, I exist, I am speaking?

We musicians are making our own vibration in the universe. We are in our own little space changing the air and atmosphere of being. If perhaps we are also able to record and stream or transmit our song into the greater world, we may make an even larger impression upon others. Regardless of how many people we reach, we have engaged in an amazing act of self-exploration and self-declaration. We have spoken. We raised our hands and confidently said, "Hi I am here". So whatever you play, sing, or do, do it for the best reasons and enjoy the doing of it.

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