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Axiom by: Ian Boddy

Axiom, by Ian Boddy, is a delightful reminder of why we love Berlin School electronic music. With classic melodies and rich textures, Ian has created a modern masterpiece that advances the genre.

Right out of the gate, Omicron reminds me of the more melodic passages from the likes of Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze. However, Nitro really draws upon the pioneers of the genre yet adds a modern touch with its crystal-clear sound quality.

Boddy Love features an elaborate sequencer composition with layered parts and delay effects that fill your ears with synth goodness as it slowly washes away into a cloud of synthetic fog.

I love the way Ian pays homage to the roots of this genre, while expertly blending in elements of space and ambient music of today. The nuance in the sounds is something that is missing in the early recordings of Berlin School. The advancements in synthesizer technology is showcased on Icon as the slightest movement and changes in timbre occur in the opening sequencer sound.

Full of emotion, the melody on The Fallen tugs at your heartstrings in the way a delicate violin or vocal can.

The final track, is a pleasant farewell to the listener, inviting us to have another listen to this enjoyable album.

Axiom is more of what we have come to expect from Ian Boddy. A true representation of Berlin School with clever use of modern technology and songwriting skill second to none.

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