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Images by: Steve Jolliffe

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

Images, the latest album from Steve Jolliffe is quite the sonic experience. Building upon his 50 years of creating groundbreaking music, Steve immerses the listener in a world filled with intense rhythms and creative melodies.

At, 44 minutes long the single-track album transitions from one theme to the next. Starting sparsely with what sounds like water droplets in a cave and slowly building into something you might hear in Rio de Janeiro and Carnival. The interplay between the trumpet and electric guitar lead is quite masterful.

Another transition and I am reminded of jazz guitarist Pat Metheny and his signature whistle lead sound that quickly makes an appearance and fades away, all the while the throbbing bass pumps away in the background. The experience is an ever-evolving one as the song transitions quickly from one theme to the next with risers and rhythm changes.

The energy is very high and maintains the momentum throughout the track. Steve is a master at sound design which is evident as each wave of sounds appears and drifts out of the frame. There are some classic sounds from his Tangerine Dream period, but most are more modern and fresh sounding.

Around the 33-minute mark, there are some amazing vocals and choir sounds. This section is quite long, providing a break from the rhythm before jumping back in.

Overall, I love the fast-paced energy of the album and the amazing variety of sounds.

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