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Joué Play MIDI Controller

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

Joué Play is an advanced system combining an expressive controller, app, and interactive content.

At the heart of the system is the multi-instrument, MPE MIDI controller with a very innovative design. By utilizing interchangeable play pads, Joué instantly transforms into various types of controllers. Four variations of play pads are available, including the Drum Pad, Piano Pad, Guitar Pad, and Keys Pad. Each of these rubberized pads stores your personalized MIDI configuration, as well as eight instruments. Pads can be configured any way you like and can be used to trigger and control the Joué Play app or other music apps and effects.

The Joué play pads offer a unique level of expression to your performance by allowing you to control parameters by sliding your fingers on the keys, strings, and pads. You can bend the strings of the Guitar Pad, create glissando on the Piano Pad, and control effects with the X-Y pad all in real-time. The Joué Play board truly expands what is possible with a MIDI controller.

The Joué Play app allows you to create music on the fly. Simply plug in your Joué Play board, choose a play pad, select a sound, and hit the record button. The app will automatically create a new track for your instrument and begin recording a loop. Up to eight loops can be recorded per song. When you change play pads, the app automatically adds a new instrument and track for you, so you'll never miss that perfect performance when inspiration hits. You can connect up to eight Joué boards to the app and have a live jam session or collaborate with your friends. Once you have all of your tracks recorded, you can experiment with different sounds and in-app effects. The app also allows you to adjust levels, set the scale and key, mix down your project, and share your song with others. The app also features Artists Packs as in-app purchases which include various sound designs and kits.

The Joué Play board advances MIDI controller technology and functionality like no other product. With its ability to quickly change play pads, you get uninterrupted performance and automatic setup. The intuitive app allows you to configure the controls any way you like and gives you quick access to your sounds and parameters. The app is available for Windows, Mac, and IOS, and the board can be used with all major digital audio workstations.

For the mobile musician, the Joué Play is quite useful, offering a combination of four controllers in one small package. It can easily fit in your backpack or road case, is bus powered, and offers more possibilities. I highly recommend it.

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