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Kilpatrick Audio Phenol

After years of perfecting synthesizer modules, Kilpatrick Audio has created a tabletop instrument prepackaged with all you need to get started with modular synthesis.

What started as a Kickstarter campaign in 2014 has become a very successful tabletop synth from Kilpatrick Audio. Nearing the end of its production, the Phenol is a stand-alone modular synth featuring everything you need to create amazing sounds in a convenient and portable package.

The Phenol includes two of each of the most important modules, including two oscillators, two filters, two VCAs, and two envelopes. The analog voltage-controlled oscillators (VCO), each with triangle, ramp, and pulse waveforms, include inputs for pitch, frequency modulation, pulse width modulation, and sync. The two analog voltage-controlled filters (VCF) include one low pass filter and one bandpass filter, each with cutoff, resonance, and FM level controls. The voltage-controlled amplifiers (VCA) include level controls. The two envelope generators feature an attack/hold/release (AHR) mode or an attack/release mode (AR). The envelopes can also function as low-frequency oscillators (LFO) with level and speed controls. A third control mode is included and provides the envelopes with a stepped, gate delay, and scale quantized mode.

The Phenol also includes many other useful and creative modules, an LFO with sine and random output, an internal MIDI to CV converter, with DIN and USB MIDI interfaces, a built-in MIDI sequencer/looper, a compact mixer with a built-in delay effect, digital pulse divider, for dividing MIDI clock, LFOs, and audio signals into musical divisions, a buffered mixer / mult / inverter with level control, two external audio inputs, and USB midi connection for Mac and PC.

Where many semi-modular synths limit your routing options, the Phenol offers seemingly infinite possibilities. Designed to use the same voltages, the Phenol is compatible with other modular systems, expanding those possibilities even further. The Phenol is powerful and quick to use, with everything at your fingertips, and it's lightweight and portable design is just what the mobile musician needs.

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