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Rack them Up

Chicago based company KVgear focuses on quality, precision, and customization to bring you the best tabletop synth stands in the business.

If you are like me, you can’t resist the amazing gear that is being manufactured by synth makers today. Korg, Roland, Moog, and many others are all producing small tabletop synthesizers that sound fantastic and are an inexpensive way to add to your sonic pallet. However, having so many small pieces of equipment take up a lot of space. Korg Volcas alone includes so many models that if you were to collect them all you would quickly run out of desk space. Add a few more synths from other manufacturers and you’ve got a problem on your hands. That is exactly where I was until I discovered KVgear. I have a very small workspace and way more gear than I can keep on my desk. Having to disconnect my gear and rearrange it every time I needed to use a different synth was a lot of work and was hindering my creativity. Thanks to the tabletop stand at KVgear those problems are a thing of the past. Now I can utilize my space to its full potential and keep the music going.

Everything in its place

KVgear produce stands specific to many popular tabletop synthesizers on the market, as well as a number of generic stands. Their Volc 45 stand (pictured) comes in a variety of configurations designed specifically for the Korg Volcas. They offer single and double-width versions. The double-width version includes metal trays that span across the ends of the stand to hold the Volcas, or other gear that might fit. KVgear also offers specific stands for Roland, Behringer, Moog, Elektron, and many others. We tried many scenarios and were pleasantly surprised at the number of configurations we could fit into them. The stands come with telescoping aluminum rods that connect to each end piece and allow you to adjust the width to accommodate different synthesizers. Even the stand specifically designed for Volcas was very easy to reconfigure with gear from other manufacturers. KVgear also manufactures extensions for its stands to allow for further customization.

Built to last

Besides being very functional, these stands are built exceptionally well. KVgear has taken the time to refine its designs and they deliver one of the best products on the market. Everything is finished to perfection. All surfaces that come in contact with your equipment are lined with rubber. There are rubber feet on all of the stands to protect your desk as well. The metal trays and connector rods have a baked-on, durable finish, and the stands can be assembled and disassembled with ease.

These days we have so many wonderful tools at our disposal. Tabletop synths have become a convenient addition to our studios and with stands, from KVgear we can keep these tools organized and ready to use when inspiration strikes If your workspace is disorganized and becoming a burden to your workflow, consider a tabletop stand from KVgear.

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