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Semiotic Displacements by: E-Clark Cornell

Semiotic Displacements by Latome2 is an interesting experiment with ambient soundscapes and cinematic passages.

The opening track DisPLaceMEnt, starts off with a jazz-oriented chord progression and washes of noise in the background that fade in and abruptly stops over and over again. It is very unsettling with its odd timing and intermittent bursts of sound. It is very dense, as layer after layer is added as the track plays, creating a lot of interesting textures that keep the listener engaged, wondering what is coming next.

Ωhand Ωdreaming is even eerier sounding with reversed layers and heavy piano arpeggios. To me, it conjures up images of something that is about to happen in slow motion, as the tension builds. Near the end of the track, there is a subtle shift, and the tension is released into a calming fade into nothingness.

Track three, Memory is History​.​.​.​Memory is Geography begins with ambient airy sounds, but quickly begins to fall into disarray, with detuned piano.

The final track The & Me, is an epic 24- minute journey into the imagination. Its ambient layers and whistling sound effects, keep the listener guessing.

Overall, Semiotic Displacements reminds me of albums like Zeit, by Tangerine Dream. It is dark and haunting, with many opportunities for losing yourself in your own imagination. It is full of interesting sounds and abrupt timing that keep you on your toes.

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