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Still Waiting at the Gate by: Christian Fiesel

Still Waiting at the Gate, by Christian Fiesel is a beautiful example of minimalism. At times there is hardly a sound at all. Other times, the haunting, uneasy sounds of a sci-fi thriller. This album is quiet and provides the listener with a contemplative space in which the mind can wonder. I instantly envision vast landscapes and majestic views of a desolate environment just waiting to be explored. The music suggests there are secrets yet to be discovered and possibly some that should remain hidden.

The choice of sounds is the perfect amount of rich synth sounds and contrasting noise and the compositions a balance of musical interludes and eerie cinematic effects. The playful way the music flows in and out of the stereo field adds another level of curiosity to the listening experience and the anticipation of what is to come has a pleasing result.

Although the track title indicates sadness, I felt a sense of hope when listening to The Emptiness in the Heart Reflected on a Lonely Canvass. Perhaps from the subtle shift in the chord progression.

I also love the use of the Mellotron. It is one of my favorite instruments and reference point to Berlin School, from years of listening to early '70s recordings.

These tracks are so cinematic that I fully expected to hear dialog and sound effects while listening. I did however imagine the scenes of what could be happening so vividly.

Still Waiting at the Gate is an amazing soundtrack to a movie yet to be filmed where each of us is the director.

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