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Tokyo Bedroom Orchestra

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

Tokyo Bedroom Orchestra is an ambient/experimental artist from Japan. He uses cassette tape, guitar, and synthesizer textures to create nostalgic soundscapes. He posts "Music for the sky" almost daily on Instagram and has over 20,000 followers.

He explains his process, "I mainly make ambient and experimental music. I love to look at the sky every morning and then I'll go through inspiration and start sketching. I pick up one of the many synths I have, put it through my guitar pedal, and start jamming. Based on that track, I layer chords, melodies, etc. and I almost never edit. If I do, I might miss the inspiration. I know each of my synths offer great sounds. So, I want to use those sounds as much as possible. I only record five tracks at most. If I have too many tracks, I get lost. Simple is beautiful. I prefer mixing through a cassette recorder. My favorite is the TASCAM PORTA ONE. Finally, I re-record the track in Ableton Live and convert it to data. I am releasing my album on Bandcamp, so please check it out. You will hear the sounds of the beautiful sky".

Equipment List:

Sequential Prophet 6

Clavia Nord Rack 3

Arturia MicroFreak, MicroBrute, and KeyStep 37

Korg Monologue, SQ-1, Volca Modular, Volca FM, Volca Keys, Volca Drum, and Monotron Delay

Artiphon Orba

Casio SA-46

Stylophone GEN X-1

Bastl Instruments Kastle V1.5

Tascam PORTA ONE and PORTA02 Fostex X-12

National RN-Z88

Ableton Live 10

ProTools 12

Hologram Electronics Microcosm

Chase Bliss Audio Mood and Habit

Empress Effects ZOIA

Obne Sunlight Dynamic Reverb, Minim, and Expression Slider

Strymon TimeLine, BigSky, and BlueSky

Walrus Audio M1 and Deep Six Compressor

EarthQuaker Devices Afterneath V3

Zoom MS-70CDR

XOTIC EP Booster

Boss Digital Delay DD-7 and RC-20

Mooer GE20

For more information visit:

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