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Sula Bassana

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

Dave Schmidt, aka Sula Bassana first entered the stage in 1986, as keyboard player of the electronic duo Solaris. Since then, he has played in numerous bands, played on many recording projects, and travelled around the world performing.

Today, he also runs his own record label and releases solo albums. On Nostalgia his latest album, you can hear many instruments from his extensive collection of vintage gear. Besides drums, guitars, and basses, Dave has a huge collection of electronic instruments at his disposal. "I am a collector with many keyboards, guitars, and basses", he explains. "On Nostalgia, I used my Mellotron 4000d, Korg MS20, and Polysix, a Farfisa Syntorchestra, Sylophone Gen X1, and a bit of Roland VP330".

In the past he has used other amazing vintage gear from his collection like the Yamaha SK20, Roland SH5, and the Elka X55 organ. Dave is not against using modern devices as he also has used the Moog Mother 32, Behringer RD8, Roland R8, a Arturia Keystep, and a KOMA analog sequencer.

For processing all of those amazing instruments, Dave also has a wonderful collection of effects pedals, including a Roland RE 201 and Dynacord Echocord Mini tape delays, along with other delays, phasers, and fuzz pedals. "I love all of the vintage stuff", he says. "I also have a couple of Roland rack effects that sound great too".

For recording, Dave still uses Logic 7 and a 20-year-old Mac G4, which still gets the job done.

I have enjoyed listening to some of Dave's records. Both Nostalgia and the Loopstation Drones albums are fantastic. Be sure to check them out as well as all of the other releases on Bandcamp and at the Sulatron website.

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